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Weihai Zhongxiang Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Weihai Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company was established in 1997. It is a professional precision mold design and manufacturing company. The company is equipped with 11 professional R&D technicians, 9 quality management personnel, and senior engineers. 26 people. With the ability of mold and product design research and development, fine processing, and high-quality service, for many years, he has assisted many companies in product and mold research and development, and has a number of invention and utility model patents.

Industry engaged in: design and manufacture of plastic molds and injection processing of plastic products; design and manufacture of metal stamping molds and metal stamping processing;

Provide services: provide customers with a series of supporting services from product design, structure design, mold design, injection mold manufacturing, stamping mold manufacturing, injection molding, stamping processing and forming;

Fields involved: digital, medical, daily necessities, automobiles, etc.

Product range: digital printer products, medical disposable consumables, disposable medical equipment, food packaging, auto parts, meters, home appliances, daily necessities, etc.; including appearance, function, and gear;

Production equipment: MAKINO CNC, MAKINO mirror discharge machine, SODICK wire cutting machine, precision grinder and other mold making related equipment;

Testing equipment: three-coordinate measuring instrument, projector, precision height ruler, etc.;

Long-term customers: Weihai Printer Division, Weigao Group, Shandong Xinbeiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd.;

Service tenet: The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity and cooperation", people-oriented, scientific management, and ISO9001 management system. Products made at reasonable prices, cost-effective, practical and effective work, ensure delivery time, provide customers with satisfactory and surprising products and services, and become a booster for the development of customers' enterprises.

Company vision: Stabilize employees, stabilize technology, stabilize customers, and seek development with stability; challenge new products and break new technologies to open up and occupy new markets.

Business philosophy: sustainable operation, customer-oriented, resource sharing;

We follow the tenet of "reputation first, quality oriented, customer first, and dedicated service", advocate the innovative spirit of "continuous improvement, and always create new heights", adhering to the philosophy of "being kind and common development", and welcome new and old customers Continue to give support and help to Zhongxiang Mould, all colleagues in Zhongxiang Mould will do their best to meet customer needs, grow with all walks of life, and create a better future.


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